Andrew Applepie & NKLS – Catch It

Catch It is the perfect example of why we love indietronic so much. Intense, catchy, a song to be heard a million times.

Andrew Applepie NKLS Catch It

You know when you start listening to a song and can quite explain why you love it so much? It happened to me with Catch It, the latest song from a collaboration between the both German and Berlin based Andrew Applepie and NKLS. What is clearly an indietronic song can be so much more the more I listen to it. Definitely 80s inspired in many of the electronic elements (impossible not to think about the marvelous Drive soundtrack and Kavinsky) but also very multi-sampled and quite complex, the definition is harder to make when we get to the rest. NKLS vocals are spot on, balancing sensibility with power and most of all familiarity. That sense of familiarity I can only get from great songs. Or songs that easily become part of myself and my feelings.

The song was released on the end of 2018 (28th of December) but for us is already one of the highest points of 2019. We can just hope its longevity is as good as its intensity. We certainly think so.

This is the second track where the two collaborate and we couldn’t stay away from the first one either. Names has some of the same elements in Catch It but is a bit more pop and less electronic. Feels as good as though, with its well-built variations and vocal catchiness.

Looking so much forward to more from these two, we could suggest the should do an album together. More on both can be found on the links bellow.

Andrew Applepie :