[TGIF] Magic Atlas

Here's to a great start of 2019!!

tgif Magic Atlas

2019 has started so smoothly we could not cope with it better. That smoothness is perfectly demonstrated by the number and quality of indie-based songs infused with gentle takes of electronic. But also distinctive vocals and gorgeous variations all over those beautiful tracks. Here we bring to you the 6 best new releases we have been listening to:

Superheart – Talk About It

There’s a kind of electronic/ambient music that we always love to hear: it’s soft, it’s warm, it’s chill and full of hope, good vibes and happiness. Talk About It is one of those examples that can get you from the very first second. Its deepness and at the same time the way it expands and involves everything around us it’s precisely the reason why it’s so addicted. Superheart sound amazingly on record but we bet he can be as great performing live as he sounds on our headphones. A perfect symbiosis between layered vocals and synths placed on top of a chilled beat. We can’t ask for better than this.

FKJ – Is Magic Gone

Sometimes we feel that magic is gone, other times we feel that jazzy funk is gone, and only a few times we feel both at the same time. That’s when FKJ appears with this song, showing us that neither magic nor funk has gone. Is Magic Gone is a simple (apparently) and smooth funk which the artist as already accustomed us to. One thing that is amazing in FKJ’s music is that he sings with amazing and pure vocals but it doesn’t give it too much protagonism always having space enough for flawless synths and guitars to be noticed. This one specifically approaches itself to Tom Misch or Jordan Rakei, mostly when the guitar solo comes. The French producer, singer, and multi-instrumentalist, French Kiwi Juice (that’s what FKJ stands for), has already worked is artists like Masego and Tom Misch himself and this year will definitely have the recognition he actually deserves.

Tatyana Kalko – Yellow and Blue

Who doesn’t love some soft and warm female vocals with some autumnal melody and instrumental? We present you Tatyana Kalko, a Belarus-born and raised in Philly, the artist studied voice and alto saxophone, practicing guitar by herself with a little help from the Beatles‘s classics. Soon she started performing and composing and that can’t be hidden: the sensibility put in Yellow and Blue, not only in her vocals and the way she dominates it but also in the way the whole song is composed, the use of some instruments, rhythms and how she explores the space and time of the song. It obviously has Beatles’s hand on it, but it also has Regina Spektor‘s feet, of Montreal‘s fingertips and Jens Lekman‘s soul. Can’t imagine it all together? give it a listen.

The Racer – Atlas (Apogee Pt.2)

Coming from New York the independent band The Racer incorporates keys in everything they do with the four elements being proficient in it. That truly comes to life in the magnificent Atlas (Apogee Pt.2). A genuine transformation of indie rock into experimental and electronic without ever forgetting its roots. This modern Atlas sounds immense and full of sound, hooks, and details, with some very well worked vocal elements. Sounding like a more experimental Foals, this is a track that works like an engaging ride every time we play it. 

Scruffy Pearls – Letting Loose

“Amy Winehouse meets Sofi Tukker in this anthemic tune”. That’s how we got introduced to Scruffy Pearls. This is a comparison that is quite easy to get by these days and one that rarely delivers. This time, the song surpasses it. We feel the Scruffy Pearls vocalist sounds a bit more like if Duffy has gone electric and sassier than ever. The background is not overwhelming but very very danceable, singable and feel-good sounding producing a result that is genuine and super engaging. The ideal song to Letting Loose

HighSchool Jacob – Can’t Get Enoug

Like an electrified whisper, that’s how HighSchool Jacob first sounds to us. Can’t Get Enough was released this week and takes everything we like from the French indietronic nuances and involves it around that kind of vocals. The result is a gorgeous and swinging pop electronic song with very clever pop elements. It sounds an exaggeration to say that we can’t get enough of Can’t Get Enough, but it is not. Is just the pure truth. And that is probably because HSJ can really work around the edges of this, reinventing just a little bit every single turn of the track.

Have an awesome week!!

WtMM Team