[PREMIERE] Kolya – Blood On The Streets

Blood On The Streets is a critic to society but also sounds like a proper indie-rock lullaby.

Kolya Blood On the Streets Premiere

“I wrote this song about the political times we’re living in, where people seem to be ignoring each other’s pains in life.” That’s how Kolya explains what’s the meaning behind Blood On The Streets, his first ever song to be officially released. This 21-year-old singer-songwriter from California says he takes most of his inspiration from the “ambient music of the World” and this track lyrics reflect that cramped sense of observation.  

“There’s blood on the streets that we don’t see
Cos we only see what we want to see
Sometimes it seems like we’re breaking free
But I know I’m not who I said I’d be”

The first verse sets up the whole spirit of this indie-rock song. The simple but efficient guitar background is the ideal for a song that lives in this boy’s vocals. To us, the song sonority resembles some of the indie-rock produced in the 90s but manages to sound fresh and current. The chorus “The tides are rising up to our feet, but no one can see the blood on the streets” is repeated like a sort of prayer, and every time it sounds better and catchier. Blood On The Street is the type of song that sounds simple but engaging and that when we take a better look (or listening) at it we can actually see a lot of evolutions throughout. And a song that sounds like a critic to society at the same time as lullabies us a lot. 

Blood On The Streets officially comes out tomorrow and you can pre-save it on your Spotify here. You should also follow Kolya closer on his social and musical networks, there is a lot of new songs to come in the next months: