Joel Taylor – Moment’s Notice

Without almost noticing we've been taken to church consecutively by Joel Taylor's geniality.

Photo by Lloyd McCullough
Joel Taylor - Lloyd McCullough

Joel Taylor was previously featured by us in a special post featuring great songs released during 2018 that we have not given the appropriate attention to. At that time we were talking about the gorgeous Give Myself Away. Little did we noticed we also could (and should) have talked about other beautiful track entitled Moment’s Notice.

This one was released at the end of November and builds itself on the same quality vocals and upbeat vibe that seems intricate to Joel. But this time, Moment’s Notice is more deep, more sensible, more heart full. In his words, this is the track where he “take ya’ll to church”. And it truly is.

The song which already as 15k spins on Youtube starts with gently paced claps and gospel-like vocals that you won’t be able to take out of your head easily. On a Moment’s Notice easily reaches the chorus but keeps reinventing and increase its power until the very end – just like a proper gospel song. Joel’s vocals always seem perfectly in tune and a bit beyond, inspiringly honest and focused on achieving his proper rendition. And we feel so humbled to come along. And the way he manages to combine some Train-like variations before going back to the gospel bits sounds genius and of a very matured singer-composer.

Joel is looking towards putting the final touches on his debut EP due out in early 2019 followed by an album in early spring. And we certainly look forward to both.

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