Obsqure & Suz – Land of the Free (A Perfect Place)

There's a place where Italy and Tunisia -Northern Mediterranean and Southern Mediterranean- meets. There's a place where music can change the world. That place is Land Of The Free (A Perfect Place).

obsqure suz

We have some good examples of great trip-hop like Massive AttackPortishead or Nittin Sawhney, but today we are here to tell you that Obsqure & Suz are not far from the bands here mentioned. This Land of the Free (A Perfect Place) is the second single taken from the album Crossroads and it intends to make aware of the migration problem happening in the Mediterranean countries. It’s a human journey in search of freedom, in search of “a perfect place”.

Suz is Susanna La Polla De Giovanni, from Bologna and Obsqure is Youssef Labidi, a Tunisian living in Doha, Qatar, and together they’ve created this very well structured song, combining a very mystic instrumental with clean and melodic vocals, also completed by a melodic line of an Arabic wind instrument, which inputs an even deep and dramatic scenario to the song. It even raw, sometimes, and combined with the video it all gains a higher sense of deepness, of mysticism, of the unknown.

But let us introduce you to these two artists. Obsqure is a producer highly influenced by Arabic tendencies and music and creates an amazing environment of psychedelic trip-hop with some notches of ambient music. The similarity with Nittin Sawhney comes obviously from him, but he doesn’t recreates Nittin’s music, Obsqure explores his ideas and creativity to give to his music sonorities so diversified and yet so harmonizing.

In other hand, the Italian singer Suz likes to print her voice over orchestral-electronic sets and samples. Her vocals are not flawless but that’s what gives all the emotion and embracing to her music. Suz can sound sometimes like CocoRosie‘s sisters, on the melody, on vocals and on the arrangements she gets. It’s quite innovating for us the way she mixes this kind of electronic trip-hop with her melodic yet  a bit rasp voice.

The most amazing thing in this track is the way to artists mixed their styles, their genres, their influences into one great track with a beautiful and dangerous message. Mind the fact that Suz is Italian, a country who’s having many problems on the borders and seas, and Obsqure is Tunisian, here “representing” the middle east migrants trying to get to Europe. This song is more than what it says, is freedom, is peace, is to be unite.

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Land of the Free (A Perfect Place) is linked to a campaign to help #Mediterranea, a ship rescuing people in danger in the middle of the mediterranean sea! If you want, you can follow and support Mediterranea Saving Humans here: mediterranearescue.org

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