Lerin/Hystad – Only Kindness

Only Kindness fills us with an electrifying sense of completion.

Lerin/Hystad New Secret

Swedish-Norwegian pair Lerin and Hystad have just released Only Kindness, a song whose title speaks for itself really. Clearly exploring the use of the synthesizer in a very refreshing way and not afraid to assume it either. That clear basis of synth is merged with jazz, experimentalism, and bits of pop, combining in a very unique way that fills us with an electrifying sense of completion.  

Vocally, Only Kindness is not brilliant but also doesn’t want or needs to be. Quite sensible in a way and eager to sound new and different, the track not only works really well but manages to distinguish itself from almost everything we heard in the last two years. And if that is not already a feat by itself, the way this grows and grows on the listener will do the rest. Of course, we can relate this to Bon Iver’s most experimentalist efforts. But we are just further praising the pair with a comparison like this, aren’t we?

Only Kindness is part of Lerin/Hystad debut album Starmap. The album marks a change in the making for the duo incorporating vocals for the first time in their experimentalism. An album that perfectly showcases how their electronic multi-layered tapestries are perfectly merged with ambient soundscapes, but also jazz and pop. Innovative, yes. Gorgeous, for sure. But also very brave.