Cassie Marin – Disrespect

Cassie Marin is already one of the most exiting artists for 2019, around here. With an insatiable will to create music, we can only expect great.

Cassie Marin Disrespect

Launching her first single in 2015, Baby Girl, Cassie Marin never stopped again from delivering great tracks. The Miami-based singer songwriter has already two EP’s and one Original Soundtrack for the movie “Nightscapes” on her luggage, and a handful of great singles. “Plastique Days” came out in 2017,a 7-track album featuring Wire and Stuck in a Crush, already let us notice what to expect from her: a very sweet and pure vocals mixed with modern and alt-pop beats, the songs swing between R&B and deep techno, skimming post-dubstep in some. The debut EP opened a freeway for the second one, “S.O.S.”, a grown-up album with even better production, great arrangements, using a lot of samples –good ones– and where Marin’s voice’s placed less smooth but not less sweet, it just sounds more attractive and knowing what path to take.

“S.O.S.” came out last March and brought us Weigh, the last out of the six songs completing the EP. Listening to this song is like one of those moments one just gets mesmerized. The deepness of the keys and bass reminds us firstly of one of Kendrick’s sickest tracks, like if that was a collaboration with Carmody, probably. The song has two different moments,with completely different approaching: a first one where Cassie sings her loveemotions and a second one, instrumental creating an emotional and unexpected mood for the whole song.

2018 hasn’t come to an end yet, that’s why the female singer is premiering her hottest single Disrespect. In the beginning it sounds like it belongs to “S.O.S.” but in a sudden we realize that this one is darker, more mysterious, with simple lyrics whose speak from her heart. “The only reason Iknow loud and clear you’re truly mine” is not only an emotion Cassie wants him to know, she wants us to know it too, she wants us to be part of the song as it goes on and we keep listening. And that we know right after, “Come catch me in a lie. / I’d like to see you try” she keeps mesmerizing us with the almost psychedelic instrumental sonorities, also with her vocals, placed in an abstract constant melodic wave; we can picture ourselves on a boat led by this wave.

It gets more personal on the chorus “Why do you neglect? / How do you forget me? /If I give you a sec [second], will you come and get me?” and even her voice gets more fragile. Cassie Marin is singing the whole song with confidence and maturity, she sounds like she’s seducing him again, but when the chorus comes she drops her guard and sings her soul out in a whisper.

At least, Marin explains exactly what we are trying to say: she’s a mix of emotions and we see it in the lyrics and in the vocals. “I’m a psycho, an angel, perfect devil child” is the singer telling us what she’s coming to, from smooth and sweet vocals and peaceful melodies to dark, mysterious mood and deep beats.

Cassie Marin is an insatiable artist and we absolutely love that. She’s never done for making good music and these past two years have been crazy in a good way for her. We can’t imagine what to expect from 2019, but we’re really excited about that! If you feel the same now, follow her on her socials, below:

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