Cat Pierce – Human Experience

Singer songwriter Cat Pierce talks about birthe and death in her newst song. After all, that is the Human Experience.

Cat Pierce - Human Experience

Sometimes we experience things that are amazing, and that’s what makes us feel we’re alive. This Human Experience is one of those things. The song begins with an almost acapella arrangement, with vocals uniquely placed on top of a rhythmic set. Growing to a more structural instrumental section, the track becomes a dreamy 80’s-alike pop song and Cat’s vocals sound like Lana Del Rey, Feist or Regina Spektor.

This “experience” talks about birth and death, bu not only on the lyrics. The melody is sweet and sour, and it’s Cat’s fault as she sings whether in a melancholic and fragile tone or in a sharper hurtful Patti Smith-style.

The song is as exciting as the human experience itself can be. It’s her 6th single since 2016 and the most “joyful” one, probably paired with California Winter (in a different way) since she inputs her style in some dark-pop always mixed with mystic and epic environment, Human Experience takes this even farther exploring a dreamy and special electronic ambient.

We probably have never heard nothing that could sound like Madonna, A-Ha, Lana Del Rey and Naked and Famous at the same time and that’s the main reason why we immediately fell in love for this. Cat Pierce doesn’t make it complicated, she makes it easier though, differently than others from the same genre, her versatility helps her going smoothly from dark to colorful keys and melodies without losing any coherence.

With already so many singles, we just can’t hold ourselves from waiting for a full album. And we’re sure that you feel the same now. Follow her in every socials and don’t miss a thing!

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