[TGIF] Thank God It’s Christmas!

Oh oh oh! It's Christmas everyone! Here is to a nice and proper celebration!

We know soon enough you will be eating like crazy and exchanging gifts and singing carols and drinking until you learn how to play the piano… But before that let’s just keep our Christmas tradition and get you into the holidays spirit with these 6 new and beautiful Christmas songs. 

Taken By Trees – Holiday

Taken By Trees come from Sweeden where the Christmas is colder and snowier than probably every other part of the world. Holiday is their Christmas gift to us and a song that emerges some nice flows from the 80s-90s while keeping the Christmas bells in the background. The sort-of-echoed vocals of Victoria Bergsman sound smooth and like a season dream. The frontwoman says she wrote the song while she was upset regarding politics and intolerance but as the song was being built she changed the lyrics to become more positive and full of positive feelings. And that’s Christmas spirit right there.

Adam Reifsnyder – Christmas for Two

Sounding a bit like John Mayer in the guitar flow but with a very sensible vocal duet, Adam Reifsnyder’s Christmas for Two is a Nat King Cole style of song that truly reflects the calm spirit of the season. The orchestral arrangement is gorgeous and fits like charm in a song that shines brighter when we finally hit the chorus.

Campbel Sibthorpe – 59 to King’s Cross

Campbell Sibthorpe’s just made a Christmas song he describes as a quiet apocalyptic Christmas carol. 59 to King’s Cross talks about how fast the year goes by and how easy it is for a tired soul to fell asleep almost everywhere. He also talks about Brexit and climate change and what seems the end of the world seen from a window inside the 59 bus. Ironic and satiric but also beautiful and melodic, in the end, we still feel this can sound very positive and beautiful.

Carmody – It’s Always Christmas

Our longtime favorite Carmody also got into the Christmas spirit with probably the most sincere song of the season.. It’s Always Christmas comes wrapped as a live session recorded in the streets with a beyond gorgeous piano as the only background. Carmody vocals in this sound unreal and classical and the lyrics touching and raw: “It’s Always Christmas when I look for you, a piece of us three in all that I do, carry the papers can’t look at the news, how can this be a life that we all choose“. Just like an angel.

The Staves – Home Alone, Too

The Staves got their Christmas spirit very very high with their crazy harmonic and melodic vocals sounding like a true Christmas carol. We can imagine them (or at least dream about it) singing this at our doors. Gorgeous vocal layers after vocal layers and also bringing in those distinct Christmas instrumentals (the gentle drums and a sort of sleigh bells) with some added seasoned trumpets. Home Alone, Too gets us into the ideal calming and happy holiday spirits where we feel everything but alone. 

Phoebe Bridgers – Christmas Song

We never talked about Phoebe Bridgers here at WtMM, but we probably should have. Her gorgeous vocals sound immediate and human and have everything we need to feel humble and want to do good. Christmas Song is her newest song, a proper Christmas song, led by the simplicity of a familiar-sounding piano and a sensible and gorgeous story-telling that never for a single second sound less than honest. The song builds-up towards the end and it’s impossible to not go for another piece of it. Just like a sweet and nostalgic Christmas cookie.