Your Smith – The Spot // Bad Habit

From the gorgeous The Spot to the beautiful breeze of Bad Habits, there is not a single way to go wrong about Your Smith.

Your Smith The Spot Bad Habit

Pre-warning, you won’t hear anything better than Your Smith in the next days, months or perhaps a year. At least you won’t hear something that feels as swaggy, as danceable, as swingingly-inviting, clearly-gorgeous or that feels all kinds of right as Your Smith first ever song The Spot.

In what The Spot excels most is in the irresistible and familiar swing of the chorus and the Sheryl Crow kind of melodic story-telling. Of course, a song like this does not come from someone that is taking her first steps in the music business. Your Smith is the new moniker of Caroline Smith, and the gorgeous The Spot was the first step into the release of her debut EP entitled Bad Habit.

Also part of the EP are 3 other songs. Starting with Bad Habit, a song that showcases a more sensible side of Your Smith, without ever dropping the gorgeous vocal-swinging constructions. To this, she added Debbie and Ooh Wee. The first even mixes some electric guitar and vocal modifications which sound like a pure charm. The second is more electronic-paced and a bit more experimental, showcasing how a perfect EP should be built in order to sound in every sense complementary. The four-track EP was able to surprise us to the point that we feel there are absolutely no downsides about it.

Briefly after the EP was out, the remixes did not take long to hit us all the right ways either. And if Bad Habit had already conquered us in every sense, what to say about this remix by our ever-favorites Japanese Wallpaper? Addictive, gentle but full of melodies and sounding fresh and so relatable we feel like gently walking inside our soul.

If we add to this, the fact that she is about to tour Australia with Rhye may be a clear indication of how much of an impact she is about to make. Around here, it couldn’t be bigger.