[PREMIERE] Richard Walters – Lights On

Lights On portrays the beautiful melancholy of Christmas memories, and the ones we love.

Richard Walters Lights On Premiere

This week my grandmother left us. She was the most kind person I’ve ever met. As we tend to associate songs with persons we treasure dearly, Richard Walters newest song Lights On worked for me as deep and intense song. Revolving around Christmas, and how it is truly associated with family, it makes all the sense to me. My family is big, my grandmother had 6 children and so Christmas was always a beautiful time to share time with her, my uncles, aunts and my cousins. But above all, with her. As she was, without ever wanting to be, the center of everything.

For me Lights On reminds me of her. And that alone would be enough to love the song. This Christmas song opts out of cliches and is of genuine sentiment. Richards’ vocals sound coming from a dream that is still present in the memory, and truly transports us to a Winter-ish Christmas morning. Full of melancholy but also echoing on a distinct feeling of hope, Lights On varies only the necessary amount in terms of melody, sticking into more than our ears. It gets into our soul. Every single time we hear it. Some of it certainly also has to do with a piano that sounds gorgeous and sentimental too. But most of all it has to do with true feelings, and how this is a song written from the inside out.



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