[PREMIERE] Autumnmusic – Marilyn

Marilyn will leave no one indifferent, inside and out.

Photo by Sarah Cresswell
Autumnmusic Marilyn Premiere

Rosi Croom is Autumnmusic. And how appropriate is this for a day like today? (Here in Lisbon at least, the cold has finally arrived hand-in-hand with the rain, so we feel it is proper Autumn now). But don’t let yourself a fool, Autumnmusic can, from the first instance, drives us away from depressive or less positive feelings (even if it talks about the desperation of a person taken at face value). And Rosi Croom vocals have much to do with that. Powerful and incisive, echoing from rock to pop, with bits of dreamy genres. They feel precious and melodic in equal portions. Addictive and nurtured, real and sort-of-familiar. She does not reinvent the wheel but makes it go round and round in a very vigorous manner. Just like a no-brainer. 

In Marilyn, this is pretty evident from the first moment. And if the vocals are the main part of Autumnmusic, the instrumentals sound strategic and perfectly in line with the song feels. Even when they are purposely hidden from the song (around the 2.40 mark) so that we can feel a gorgeous acapella segment that truly feels like a powerful way of rebuilding the song pace, and making it feel immortal.  

Marilyn is the opening song for Autumnmusic debut EP entitled Mythology (November 30th). A song that takes inspiration in the private life of Marilyn Monroe and how one can look happy on the outside while her insides are ignored and punished, as the lyrics portray:

“This isn’t me, this isn’t me!
I am made of more if you really want to see
But you draw me in your own way and
All you can see is ink and painting”

A strong chorus that seems hard to forget from the first moment we heard it. So strong that if you put loud enough you’ll feel the chils down your spine. Moments that should be a constant in Mythology with the confirmation of several female artists and influencers to be part of an album that focuses on real and inspiring human experiences.  We can’t wait for it. And we feel you all should follow her very very closely: