[PREMIERE] River Meets Sea – Won’t You Stay

Overwhelming in its ever-changing indie-rock nuances, this is the flawless debut from River Meets Sea.

About two years ago we had the pleasure of hosting our first premiere with the great The Republic by Joe Osborne and the Winter Moon. Now, Joe Osborne is back embracing a new sonority and a new band project entitled River Meets Sea. And we are equally honored to premiere it here.

Won’t You Stay is the name of the first advance of River Meets Sea. The four-piece London-based band builds into this debut a very rich instrumental sonority with beautiful and strong hooks, encompassing guitars and Joe’s  vocals sounding rocker than ever. We can still feel the bits of Ben Howard in this, but we can also feel a Band of Horses sonority and an indie rock stamp all over the track. 

But perhaps the greatest thing about Won’t You Stay is the way it sounds overwhelming in its ever-changing nuances. In the beginning we feel those indie-rock familiar ingredients, but soon the first chorus comes in, the song switches again and again. Effortlessly alternates between stronger riffs-and-guitars, melancholic-breathers and glorious-melodic bits that sound taken out of a dream. Maybe because of that, this is a track for almost every listener, and a song that matures the more you listen to it. Like only the truly great songs do.

“The song’s about living in London and how lonely it can be. It’s about how cold the city can feel but also how freeing too, and the tension between those two aspects. It’s about trying to decide whether to leave a situation, or to stay put.”

Joe Osborn

Officially released tomorrow (pre-sale here), Won’t You Say is the first advance of River Meets Sea debut album that should be released next year. 

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