Kamaliza – Zenith (Live at REC Studios)

Zenith is Kamaliza's third single, released August 2018. It was already good, but Kamaliza made it live and made it special!

Kamaliza Zenith WtMM

You should all know Kamaliza by know. He is one of our favorite New Secrets of 2017 not only for his vocals, but also for his robot love interpretation with his single Zanzibar.  

A few months later, Kamaliza released his third solo single, Zenith. This single followed the same construction as Zanzibar. An uber melodic R&B vibe with some very modern and ver adequate electronic components. 

A key characteristic of Kam is his ability to tell a story, to sing feelings and still give it an upbeat and lively atmosphere. We’ve seen this in all of his three singles so far. But Zenith is sensible, talks about love in such an open and honest way, so the artist went after a different sound to make the vulnerability more palpable:

I wanted an instrumental composition that matched the vulnerability of the lyrics. After experimenting with a few different sounds we landed on the piano to achieve the feeling we were after.


So, Kamaliza went and recorded a live acoustic version of Zenith in the REC Studios, directed by Evan Djirlic. And it is so good! This version added stripped layers of production and added warmth and rawness to the single.

This stripped version focuses on Kam’s vocals and the piano really brings out the sentiment in every sentence. His growls followed by sudden vocal softness is quite hard to achieve as it requires massive vocal cord control. But that’s the beauty of love

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