[PREMIERE] Organ Mug – A Somewhere Place

Magical and somehow alien. A Somewhere Place elevates experimental pop into heaven.

Organ Mug Premiere

With two EPs and a debut album on the bag, Organ Mug, the artistic name of Morgan Hug musical alter ego, got us straight into the heart with his piano-based melancholic magic. A Somewhere Place is the first advance of his new EP entitled Here and There (February 8th), and one that perfectly merges an ambience base with pieces of wonder and gorgeous pop experimentalism.

A Somewhere Place starts out with the words “I have a place where I can go. A place nobody knows (…)” and just like these words the song feels magic and sort of secret from the first moment. The vocals are mysterious but dreamy and carry an emotional power that is easily felt and relatable. Until a bit more than half of it we feel on board of a delicate-overwhelming-mysterious voyage and then there is a space for a breathe, where the electronics cease for some seconds giving space to a surprising element that melodies along and keep us hooked. In the last bits of the song, the emotional vocal train of Organ Mug already feels familiar. Melancholic but also fulfilling. A strange mix between contemplation and post-rock bliss.

The video gives a glimpse of the place where Morgan composes the songs but also feels taken from an alien movie like Signs. As the piano is played distinct light-bulbs react, and everything sounds like a limbo between heaven and earth.