[PREMIERE] Anna Stine – Bicycle​

Let yourself go with Anna Stine debut album opener. Her gorgeous Bicycle.

Anna Stine Bicycle Premiere

Used to bike to work? Sometimes I do it. It’s long and tiring but is somehow inspiring. There is a sensation of freedom while we slide through the landscape like is no one business. Sometimes you feel like going around a different path, others you keep to the route you know, and there is also a calming feeling related with knowing a route by heart. Every time I ride a bicycle I tend to dream aloud. And that is good.

Anna Stine’s Bicycle is, for me, a metaphor for all kind of things in life that fit into a bicycle metaphor really. In between all those feelings it talks about riding together, about taking some changes or feeling safe about “cycling together”. It also sounds like a challenge, or an adventure. But in every way it sounds gentle and introspective, just like a nice bicycle ride at night.

Bicycle is also the first of her songs to have a proper music video which we feel honored to premiere. A video that goes hand in hand with the magic in the song, both contemplating and sight-gorgeous, showing bits of Anna cruising around her own bicycle. Maybe the best part about the video is how it makes me want to take a ride listening to it. And how I feel that ride could take hours with this same song on repeat and I would still feel richer to the soul.

Bicycle is the opener for Anna Stine debut Album entitled Company Of Now . An LP that sounds like a secret treasure with no faulty bits. It “delves into the delicate dance of being present in the midst of growth and discomfort“. And is not by chance that everything sounds familiar but truly engaging. Anna introduces herself as an indie folk artist and experienced music therapist that “creates music that ponders the trials and triumphs that make us most human“. And maybe because of that, we feel so engaged with her songs. Spamming from a sometimes evident Nora Jones influences, but with more bits of folk (and sometimes distinct types of pop). The soul on her vocals are evident and somehow she always sounds like a multi-layered vocalist with layers and layers of intensity. One that can ally the factor or surprise in each song, with huge amounts of tranquility.

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