[PREMIERE] Pre-Echo – well, I guess

Meet Pre-Echo and their contagious jazzy-pop song about breaking up.

Pre-Echo Well I Guess Premiere

Oslo might very well be one of our top three favorite cities concerning new emerging talents. Not that we are going to enumerate them, but have certainly been more than a dozen of new acts that have captured our attention in the last year. Pre-Echo are a perfect example of just that. Grabbing basis from multiple genres, and sounding distinct on every song, it’s on the merge between Jazz and Pop with bits of electronics that they feel best. Today we feel honored to premiere one of their songs that lies between that eclectic mist.

well I guess evidences from the first minute the beautiful vocals from Andrea Horstad. Quite simplistic in terms of instrumentals, her vocals easily feel alive in our soul, and the clever repetitions sound a bit Sylvan Esso. After a bit more than a minute the song evolves integrating a pop-jazz melody that grows together with the vocalist strength. Until it drops again, and it’s on those gentle moments that we feel it the most: well I guess is both strong and sensible. And everything makes sense when it is intrinsically about love’s dichotomy.

well I guess is basically about the revenge in a break-up. An alternative catchy pop song with girlpower, Phil Collins tom-breaks and unison bass/vocal-lines. A feelgood in-your-face break up song”

Andrea Louise Horstad

This is the opening song of Pre-Echo debut EP Consider This that is released tomorrow. An EP that includes a variety of very well rounded songs that spam several genres and feelings. Expect a set of inspiring songs that mix the styles of The XX and Tuvaband, but that also showcase a very new type of sonority that is now beginning to sound typical from Oslo.