Third Smoke – Maya

Maya is unique, intense and overwhelming. And we can't get past it.

There are times when we are late for a train. With Third Smoke that might have actually happened by our one fault. We’ve seen the train, stopped and contemplated it for a very long time, and we almost lost it. Still, this is a very nice train to look at.

Using that train metaphor might be only related to the fact that Maya was released about 8 months ago (yes, already). Still, and as a proper recognition we still think is among the best things we heard all year. And we can easily enumerate the reasons why (hit play now).

First of all the main vocals sound from another planet, both in power and tone, they are a rare piece of magic and one that is hard to forget to. Secondly, they remind us in some bits of The Temper Trap (especially their first album) merged with The National (fuck yeah). If imagining a combination of those sounds magic, wait until you actually hear it. Thirdly because Maya‘s power is not only surprising but something that still, after all these months, sounds very very fulfilling. And fourth, well… the guitars do the rest, and truly take away the song to a distant universe where everything sounds properly intense.

Maya was the second single of Third Smoke’s last EP Maybe In Time. An EP filled with a proper musical eclectism. Maybe In Time (the single) sounds Arcade Fire-ish, while Brown Bear sounds almost Beatle-like with some strong choirs and a deep involving background and Man Made Fire gets back to the extraordinary vocal-driven lyrics and hooking instrumentals.

We can’t help to imagine how this sounds live, and in that sense we can only hope these Irish guys get to play here in Portugal soon. Are we asking for too much? 🙂