[PREMIERE] Mines Falls – Thick Skin

Thick Sin is made of electronic and post-rock stardust.

Mines Falls Thick Sin Premiere

Mines Falls are continuing to make wonders. We might be biased here, as since their debut with My New House we had the honor of re-wondering with the premiere of In The Rain. But as they continue to push further, they keep surprising us with their sensibility and magical composition of songs that always feel on the verge of an emotional explosion. We feel their debut album Nepenthe is probably one the most serious contenders to the best album of the year.

Cover of Nepenthe, Mines Falls’ debut album

Thick Skin is another solid reason for that. And we feel honored to premiere its beautiful video today. First of all, this is another intense exploration of the merge between post-rock, soft electronics and a bit of stardust. The vocals are perfectly aligned with the slow-building but ever crescendo instrumental immersion, and the song reaches its nirvana in the very end. Always keeping us focused, wondering what’s next, and at the same time making us introspect, relax, and relate. Thick Sin not only convinces every single inch of us but is also a case of a song that easily transforms itself into something more: life.

The video was directed by Michael Basta and as the brothers describe, it plays an important role explaining the song’s meaning or inspiration:

“We shot our video for Thick Skin largely in our house in Hollywood, where we also recorded our debut album. Though we love this turn-of-the-century craftsman-style home and it has so much meaning for us in relation to our move to the west coast, there’s also something haunting about it–both because of its age and because of how many roommates have now come and gone in just three years. With this video, we attempted to capture some of that melancholic ambiance while also using the home as a kind of portal to the alien landscapes that surround this city, since home and transience are two of the central themes on the album.”

Thick Skin is the 10th of eleven songs in the heartful and inspiring Nepenthe. And if you feel inspired by it you should play it from start to end, without moderation. It seriously turns us into better humans.

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