Leah Nobel – Steps // Good Enough // Coffee Sunday NYT

Meet Leah Nobel and her overwhelming warm hugs in the form of songs.

Photo by Kelsey Cherry
Leah Nobel Meeting of the Day

We are back to the posts after a week absence, but we promise this is worth it. Leah Nobel last three singles are a proper introduction to the indie world. One that is as convincing as inspiring.

Leah Nobel is a singer/songwriter that makes songs that take the very best from folk and merges it with addictive pop nuances. She also writes and produces dark pop songs and the author of an inspiring project that merges journalism with music, entitled Running in Borrowed Shoes.

But let’s focus on the music (or we would easily write several pages about her).

Even though Leah had already released an EP a couple of years ago, it was with Steps that she entered our radar. Released a bit more than a month ago, it was an immediate hit into our minds. The enchanting and melodic vocals sound like a mix between a high-paced storytelling and an indie Godess. Leah says the song is about having different perspectives and experiences but wanting the same things as human beings; “love, belonging, purpose and connection”. She took inspiration on the story about two refugees from Rwanda and if you listen carefully you can easily spot some references. We can say that Steps is not only very easy to relate with lyrically but also in terms of melody and you will easily find yourself singing this around the house very quickly. 

Coffee Sunday NYT was release one month earlier and shares the vocal character of Steps, adding to it a gentle dose of soft and warming melodies. The ideal description would probably be that it truly sounds like a beautiful cup of warm coffee on a gentle Sunday morning and a comfortable sofa. If that does not sound like perfection, we don’t know what will.  

Good Enough is another solid track, that mixes some more ambiance elements and even some soft electronics and symphonic elements in the background. But is another solid construction that always sounds nice, well-rounded and like a warm hug. Leah Nobel‘s builds songs around soul hugs. And that is one rare thing to be listening in these recent musically overladed years.