Lac Belot – Friendly Beast

Listen to Friendly Beast as much as you can and we believe you will have a better soul.

Photo by Annukka Pakarinen

Lac Belot is one of those cases that has truly marveled us. We don’t say it lightly either. In the current context of alternative music where indie genres are being mixed and merged every single day, is not easy to find some new act which sounds refreshing, unique and inspiring. The Finish-based composer and singer allies a strong vocal to what seems to be at first sight a quite delicate figure. But the vocal is not only strong, it is also captivating, engaging, gentle (delicate), inspiring, dreamy but palpable.

Having said all that, prepare to be amazed. Lac Belot release with Friendly Beast hits all the high marks concerning giving us the chills. Friendly Beast starts slow, almost Jack Johnson, but it quickly evolves into something completely unpredictable, beautiful, tasteful and overwhelmingly perfect. Listen to this as much as you can and we believe you will have a better soul.

Friendly Beast is for me personally (José), the most beautiful song I heard all year, as it gives everything I would not expect from it. It is more than a song. It’s a deep breath. An immense spirit.

This is Lac Belot latest release in anticipation of his debut album Abracadabra (Solina Records) coming out next Friday. It comes out after the great singles D ‘n’ A and Pale Moon Rabbit and the also very inspiring (and surprising) Crybaby. And it truly made us wow.

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