Laura Jean Anderson – Thinkin Bout You

Vocally and intrinsically melodic, another great song from Laura Jean Anderson.

Photo by Jacob Steagall
Laura Jean Anderson Thinkin Bout You

After the intensity and feeling transmitted in Silence Won’t Help Me Now, we wouldn’t dream of another marvelous head turner such as Laura Jean Anderson newest song. Thinkin Bout You sounds like a fresh classic. The vocals are once again impeccable, the song showcases smooth elements and powerful hooks, and is catchy and delicious.

Every time we get to the chorus we feel an immediate relation to it, and her vocals have that ability too. As the song goes by she takes her time and we feel like we are entering her mind (a bit like what Lily Allen does so well). And as the song hits the catchy part we want to sing along with it. Perfect shower song too.

With these two songs out, we can’t wait for the upcoming EP (Oct 12).