[TGIF] Summer Gems

Enjoy the rest of the Summer with these gems!

Summer Gems TGIF

We have been on some well deserved vacations, as most you might have noticed. However, that does not mean that during those vacations we haven’t been listening to some nice new gems. So, we thought the best way to make a comeback would be with those Summer gems. And here they are.

Tanners – Empress in Reverse

Tanners are funky, electronic and pop. All in the right doses, and sounding fresh and unique. The female vocals are sexy and melodic, while the mix between the bass and the funky beats gives it the extra edge. Empress in Reverse is the song that for us puts this Brooklyn-based band in the map. And right as the lyrics tell, we can’t take this out of our heads either.

Luna May – Silly Boys

Imagine Daughter, BANKS, Chet Faker and Oh Wonder mixed together. Hard right? Well, Emma Carn said these were the influences behind her musical project Luna May, and after just a nice brief of seconds we could easily believe in that. Silly Boys sounds pop as it sounds bouncy and immersive. Mixing brief electronics and a deep beat, it’s really in her vocals that everything turns into magic. Gorgeous, catchy and powerful. One of the best songs we heard all Summer.

Clay Dudash – Rome

Clay Dudash debut song Rome should be an immediate hit. Formerly doing music on distinct genres, his new debut as a rapper mixing some breath-taking electronics, is really jaw-draping and party-shower and a song that feels like should never end. The structure is quite simple, but also genius. The rap is melodic and the lyrics are rich, and the high feelings never really drop the whole time. We dig it so much.

Nick Dorian – Palisades

When we first heard Nick Dorian we though about Robin Thick first album (what? Yes!). The funk-story-telling-electric elements in it makes wanna eat ice-creams and enjoy the sun (or other more obvious equally flavored activities). In Palisades, released on the beginning of this month), Nick Dorian manages to rap without ever rapping, and manages to sing without really hitting all the notes. The thing is, he is so good at it, feels so relaxed and equally powerful, that he actually does both. He even sounds rock-on-roll and almost like a guitar in his vocals. And then there is an actually guitar pushing everything to a legendary level. Enjoy.

Tuvaband – Puppet Show

We are not new to Tuvaband (here, here and here), and that usually makes us much more selective on posting about one band new singles. They really have to keep surprising us. And that is the greatest thing about Tuvaband. Simplistic and with a clear established formula to their sound, what they do in Puppet Show blows us away once more. Tuva vocals are a melancholic perfection that seems taken out of a secret island. We listen to this really loud every single time to make every single hair stand up. Beautifully intense, and cruel simple. Music is so hard to explain sometimes.

Samia – Milk

Keeping it simple. But keeping it intense. Samia’s newest song Milk is a sincere and very well composed lullaby, quite a sad song about what seems to be overcoming problems in relationships (as many others are). But is also filled with positive vibes, and an immense voice we can’t really figure out to take out of our heads. Beautifully sung, this is a song for many many plays.

Charles Fauna – The Boatman

Brooklyn-based Charles Fauna The Boatman is a surprising song that never keeps growing. Layer after layer, like a solid exploration of indietronic, a musical poem, and a mystical composition. Part of his debut EP Eulogy released three days ago this is a musical voyage that will take almost anyone in, in captivation and enjoyment, and even pure wonder.

NYA – Hollywood Hills

“NYA is a twenty two year old singer/songwriter artfully stumbling through self discovery in her newest EP Southland”. Many PR say things like this. Few actually reflect what a song or an artist accomplishes. Hollywood Hills is the first act of that EP that we’ve put our hands on, and we say it is a dream. Filled with electronic escapes and NYA super-unique vocals, every little turn in the song is hectic and gorgeous. And it is poetic and metaphoric in every sense too.

Enjoy the rest of the Summer 🙂