Aidan & the Wild – Good Enough

Aidan & The Wild latest track is a mix between folk and Americana that feels a lot like the sweet taste of home.

It was late December when we first posted about Aidan & the Wild. At that time we said “we tried to resist it… In the end we not only could not resist it, but it grew so much on us that it started to sound like home”. These must be some of the most sincere and positive reviews we did on a song. By that time, Going Home sounded both solid and balanced. And this time is no different. In fact, it is quite similar. We listened to Good Enough, their latest single, without knowing we were listening to the same band (we do that a lot of times actually). After 8 consecutive listenings of the song, we had to acknowledge the obvious: we could part away from it. Mostly, because, once again, this sounds magical and with a rare combination of folk and rock that always feels familiar and welcoming. Like a loved family relative we love to hug. Or like getting home after a busy day. Or even like letting yourself lie abruptly on the comfiest sofa. I think you got it.

A bit more Americana than Folk, Good Enough is groovy and danceable as it is lyrically relevant and sincere. And after some nice and well deserved vacations (from our part), this might very well be the perfect song to get things back to track. We might even listen to it 8 consecutive times once again. There is absolutely no harm to it.

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