Naomi Wild – Howlin’

After this electro-pop anthem, you'll be howlin' for Naomi Wild.

Naomi Wild Howlin' New Secret

Writing their songs on a bench in Santa Barbara, and struggling with depression during her upbringing, Naomi Wild always turned to her vocals and the sounds around it to surpass it.

After producing a song (Hope) with Tim Legend that has gone mental in Spotify (44 million plays), and the electrifying Heaven Knows (below), she is now showing the world what she is capable of on her own.

Lessons, her first ever solo song released last year, already sounded like a proper modern electro pop interpretation. It had various similarities with well-known artists like Rihanna, but with a more indie vibe. The variations and nurtured vocals in Lessons sound good not only when paying serious attention to it (with some headphones on) but also when in a more relaxed context. Very disco and danceable.

But for us, her second solo song, entitled Howlin’ represents a superior step that should turn her into a legend. Starting with some super engaging synths that left us breathless since the first beat. Continuing to her vocals, that sound pop-ish than ever. Ever evolving, reaching all kinds of variations, and always powerful. They naturally turn the song into an indietronic anthem soon she hits the chorus. Addictive as f***, she wants to love him so bad it burns, and we can easily interpret that from the track sonority. It is in this kind of music that we feel the most surprised: when we expected that everything was already done before and then someone like Naomi Wild gets out a song like Howlin’. Ten to twenty years ago she would turn into a God with this (just notice the Massive Attack kind of flow in the back). Not that she won’t in these modern days. We really think she should.