Joel Porter – Amaranthine

Open your heart for Joel Porter beautiful electronic acoustic composition about growing peacefully.

Joel Porter Amaranthine

Joel Porter was born in Bismarck (North Dakota) and went to Nashville to find his truth. That his how he comes about himself. He writes and produces electronic-acoustic songs, we could say a bit from the basis of Bon Iver, but also pretty genuine.

Some days ago he released his new single, the delicate Amaranthine. This is his first song after the release of this debut EP, entitled Mountain Twin, about one year ago. Amaranthine is also the first advance from his second EP, Hiraeth, to be released on August 3rd.

First of all, Amaranthine is a song for the deep-hearted. A song that tries to support the World with peace and sincerity. Building up from an acapella part, which sounds very melodic and almost instrumental, the song gently builds with electronic ambiances. Until the acoustic guitar comes in, and everything slides gently and graciously. Full of simplicity but softly ever-growing in terms of composition, Amaranthine is an electro-acoustic lullaby. In the purest of senses. And does not pretend to be more than that either. Honest song-writing, and sensible singing. And the almost experimental pieces of instrumental that we hear from middle to end of the song further provides the track with a relaxed vibe that emanates calm.

In his own words, this is the true meaning of the song:

“When I wrote Amaranthine, and soon after recorded it with Eric Hillman (Foreign Fields), I had just proposed to my wife, and was elated with the joyous anticipation of what the future held for us… much like a child… curious and excited for all the things we would soon have the privilege of discovering in our lives together. What I didn’t expect to happen in the months following our engagement, was the necessity to break the thought patterns, however familiar or established they were, that took shape in the form of my memories and a familiar attachment to “who I was before” or “how things were”. This song speaks of my discovery of the flickering, feigning embers of my past, how I was keeping them alive through thought and word, and follows my first steps in dethatching from the old revenants in order to focus my love and efforts on building something beautiful in the present day… All with a certain hope that later on, within the infinite and immortal, I’ll be able to reunite with and live in peace with my life as a whole.”

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