Baer Traa – Stone Cold Woman

Ready to give your Saturday some comforting folk soul vibes?

Photo by Jan Kloosterman
Baer Traa Stone Cold Woman

Pronounced as Bear Trà (Baer Traa), he is a singer-songwriter from Holland who grew up in a family of classifically trained musicians. Inspired by soul singers like the mythical Marvin Gaye and Bill Withers, he realisticly put that into practice when composing his first songs.

About two months ago he released the first glimpse of that with a song entitled Stone Cold Woman. This is a song that sounds both both classic and modern. It’s flowing and very hard to resist, pumps some gorgeous instrumentals and the vocals are in a certain way instantaneous. Maybe a bit Black Keys in the way it basis itself on a guitar and some distinctive drums and also with power from start to end. But the vocals are different, less rock and more folk. Honest and intense. Strong and punchy vocals that seem efortless. Oh, and those classical violins in the end are trully trully comforting.

Stone Cold Woman is the first single of an EP that’ll be released later this year. And is for sure a very nice folk-rock vibe over a sea of indietronic and commercial songs.