[TGIF] June’s beautiful leaves

Proper goods have been released making June sound better and richer.

June's Beautiful Leaves TGIF

June has been an atypical month. At least, here in Portugal. Colder days than usual, some raining, and a lot of leaves “running” around the streets. The good part about it is that proper songs have been released that made everything sound better and richer. As a proper celebration of the first Monday of July, we collect those beautiful June releases in one playlist. No downsides, just the proper goods.

Dana Williams – Sunny Day

Dana Williams voice is a 2018 highlight for us. Not only the vocals but the whole embracing melody her vocals ever transmit. Sunny Day was released this month is another song that we cannot help to feel in love with. Mainly because the vocals are sharper than ever, but also because there is something really special about the song we can’t quite explain. It has something to do with, in fact, transmitting the idea and calmness of a sunny day. An huge simplicity, and a tremendous amount of good taste and everything so very well thighed up together… An insanely gorgeous mix of genres.

Old Sea Brigade – Hope

We have said many things about Old Sea Brigade (you can read about it here, here, here and here). With time, the more songs he is getting released, the more we feel this is a never-ending love affair. Hope is the first single from Old Sea Brigade’s debut album Ode To A Friend (TBA), and another marvelous guitar-infused, vocal-wondered lullaby we like to call a neverending true love.

Hippo Campus – Passenger

Hippo Campus newest song, Passenger, is an unusual song in the way it lets itself grow. The clip that comes along with it also reflects this notion. Indie-pop in its genesis, but also has a distinct aura that alternates between a rock and an almost melancholic post-rock vibe. Talking about letting love grow by itself, this is unpredictable and gorgeous, and a song to treasure slowly but immensely.

Noah Slee – Stayed

New-Zealand born, Berlin-based Noah Slee is hardly an unknown indie artist, but we’ve never really been consumed by one of his songs like we did with Stayed. Released 15 days ago by Majestic Casual, this is R&B and soul based track that builds its glory on the sensitive vocals and in the generous instrumental simplicity. Progressive and emerging, with layers being added in an almost transparent way, Stayed evolves from start to end, to the point that we feel like slow dancing to it.

Brynäs – Information

Brynäs is a music duo comprised of two Swedish brothers who are now making music from Berlin. Their sound is based on simplistic electronics with an indie-rock merge and is perhaps in simplicity that the geniosity lies. Information has almost no lyrics but sounds like a soft obsession that sounds too good to be true. They say the lyrics are gimmick-like on purpose and inspired by current hidden political agendas. We feel this is a genuine composition that works so well that sticks to us effortlessly.

Niki Moss – Soylent Green

Honoring WtMM roots, Niki Moss is a Portuguese indie-rock project that takes several 80’s like synths and works them around like a pro. We hear some Temples as we hear some Grizzly Bear, but we can also relate with the further electronics. Having worked with a lot of Portuguese bands, Niki Moss (Miguel Vilhena) is launching his solo career, and Soylent Green sounds like an honest, complex and immersive song. Oh, and it’s quite addictive too. We can definitely see ourselves hearing this on any radio. Nick Moss should release an album by the end of the year, and we will keep an eye on that.

Dane Myers – LEAVES

Ever felt stuck? Dane Myers song LEAVES has several meanings, starting with the one identified in the heartfelt-sweet video. LEAVES was produced out of relaxation and from the heart but also with serious mixing skills. And that is clearly obvious to anyone hearing it. But the greatest thing about it is the way the song lives without that meaning too. Incorporating a rap part and several layers of nicely built instruments, it sounds current but fresh and uncomplexed. A beautiful musical elaboration.

Harrison Storm – Feeling You

The Australian Harrison Storm has been making concertos alongside Louis Baker. That was our starting point before listening to any song from him. Then, we hit play on Feeling You, and we were comfortably pleased. The word comfort makes all the sense concerning the guitar base that goes hand-in-hand with Harrison tempered and falsetto-reaching vocals, but perhaps it makes even more sense when the song evolves to a gorgeous folk-rock composition. There is absolutely nothing about Feeling You that we don’t feel it’s gorgeous and impactful. One of those songs that we will listen time after time and always feel the passion.

Enjoy your July, and your deserved vacations if that is the case.

WtMM team.