Martha Hill – Spiders

Spiders is Martha's debut single and just you wait! Her voice is sunlight and light summer breeze, but singing about spiders.

martha hill spiders wtmm

It is quite difficult to come into the music industry. Harder than that it is entering with a killer song that will say something like “Hey, I’m here, and I’m here to stay”.

Martha Hill is a newcomer in the alt-indie-pop world but it feels like she’s been doing this forever. Spiders is Martha’s debut single and just you wait! As soon as you hit the play button you’ll be impressed but her loud (yet, contained) voice. Her voice is sunlight and light summer breeze, but singing about spiders.

[su_quote cite=”Martha Hill”]I wrote ‘Spiders’ after a bat broke into my house in Heaton – my housemate came home and thought I was making it up – this sparked off the idea for the song (hallucinations, feeling crazed). It references emotional health – “spiders in my head” – as well as feelings of displacement.[/su_quote]

We are actually quite pleased with a funny coincidence. Martha Hill sounds a lot like Marian Hill going acoustic. Or in another way, we can listen to an experimental Adele merging with an Alt-J flow. It is that seductive, velvety voice and the rhythmic words that make us go nuts. Martha knew exactly when to let the song breath and when to fill it with musicality. The deep bass conjugated with the sparse riffs makes the ambiance semi-nostalgic. Martha’s voice incorporates modernity to Spiders. And all of this before we hit the chorus. The way she speeds overs the chorus really feels like there are spiders running down our spine.

Coming over to the end of this sadly short song, Martha Hill spruces things up. Spiders has been building momentum so Martha hits that sustained note at 2:25. And once again, she becomes sunlight and light summer breeze.

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