Richard Jahn – Stranger Than You

Mixing a notorious guitar with very well worked vocals and some 80's flows, this is Stranger Than You.

Richard Jahn Stranger Than You

In need for some Saturday soundtrack? The London-based songwriter Richard Jahn may be everything you need.

Stranger Than You was released two months ago and is Richard’s fourth single. This high-paced track sounds like a very nice merge between indie-pop and indie-rock, where the guitar plays a central role. But the inclusion of an immense range of instruments and even 80’s electronic samples, is what makes the song standout the most. A bit over five minutes which never sound repetitive due to a complex structure that sounds precise and very well worked around every single edge.

Richard’s vocals are a middle way between a strong falsetto and more rockier vocalist, and in Stranger Than You they are undoubtedly the central point of the song. Very unique and very well calibrated the whole time, and carrying some 80’s disco vibe with them, his vocals are neither too powerful or too alternative. They provide a breath of familiarity at the same time as they sound fresh and Summer-ish. And that is one of the great reasons why we love it so much. That and the way to song builds on us, the more we listen to it. Try playing it on some high volumes and you’ll see what we mean.

Stranger Than You is part of Richard Jahn debut EP DISPLAY: ORANGE. You can find out more about him in the following links: