Slowburner – Start where you are with what you have

Slowburner played his first show over our balcony and made the best out of the beautiful Portuguese sunset.

We are very honored and proud to present a new series here at Where the Music Meets. Since we started this blog two years ago, we got to know more and more new bands and artists. That relationship sometimes grows in a way we can ultimately setup our balcony for a live intimate show. Last Saturday, Slowburner played for us, his first ever show.

A first show must be something unique. It is impossible to know what it is like to be on the non-crowd side of the show, but as the hour approached we could feel the energy in the air. Élvio (Slowburner) played his first ever show on Saturday, a beautiful and intense set that left space for a lot of introspection. With a beautiful light, playing through the sunset and embracing the night, we could not hope for a better soundtrack.

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Photo credit to ©Catarina Lopes.

Everything started with the beautiful Start where you are with what you have. We said it before really: “the first track of Slowburner’s debut EP, makes time stop. Contrasting with our daily basis of sound aggravation, the song takes us to a much softer place. From the first harsher keystroke we see some of Nils Frahm sonority mixed with Explosions in The Sky rhythmic dramatics. This is a cruel and beautiful song which immediately make us think about what we might be missing. And in an almost inexplicable way, it sounds like our conscience”. The video perfectly captures the intensity of the track and demonstrates why Slowburner is among the most sincere acts we have ever written about.

Slowburner followed this with two other tracks of the debut EP Before I Return to Dust, a song (Bilhete de Ida) to be released by FNAC Novos Talentos 2018 (FNAC New Talents Portuguese edition), the marvelous Sailing To The Right Place a song he created for 2017 Piano Day and closed the set with the last track of the EP.

We are sure this won’t be the first time we get to see Slowburner playing at our Balcony. Meanwhile, we can’t hope enough to see him play in a lot of other venues across town.

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Slowburner WtMM Balcony Show Setlist:

1. Start where you are with what you have
2. Time waits for no one
3. Never too late to be someone else, somewhere else
4. Bilhete de ida
5. Sailing to the right place (+ unnamed song)
6. Please let me be more than this fleck of dust in the air


You can find more about Slowburner in the links below:

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