[TGIF] Love Vows

Touching, missing or vowing. Love has several ways, all of them quite powerful.

Love Vows TGIF

After a brief of time without the necessary context to make a beautiful mix of new releases, this week six best new songs are something special. Eclectic in style and all of them powerful in their own way, we go all the way and don’t hold nothing back with these. We hope you won’t either.

Goldilox – Touch You Where It Hurts

Don’t let yourself induce into the notion that this is an old song. The more than 1 minute long introduction of Goldilox newest Touch You Where It Hurts hides its pure intensity and magic. This is a very sensual song built around a strong bass and electronic vibe, where her vocals almost make us dizzy with devotion. The whole build-up to the chorus is pure genious, and so it is also the very singable chorus. Sounds Banks, sounds La Roux, but also sounds very very unique and brutal.

Arthur Wimble – Miss You

Miss You Like Crazy is what Arthur Wimble sings while he is scrolling around his contact list at 4am in the morning. It must have been a good evening at least. Because Miss You sounds quirky, danceable and very well built. The vocals reminds us of James Blake, but the way Arthur builds his songs to indie-pop smashes with electronic bits, also have something very singular.

Mullally – Vows

We are glad every time one of our favourite new acts are back with a great song. Mullally is certainly one of those, having elected him among the best songs of 2016 and 2017 Therefore from the first instance we felt that Vows was another winner, we couldn’t stop listening to it many times on the car, with the speakers quite loud. Now signed by Atlantic Records (no wonder), this is another solid demonstration of how this 21 year old neo-soul wonder can deliver vocals with tasty electronics, pop bits and even catchy distortions. A song about commitment, about a singer that seems to related very well with that feeling.


TRUVVONE newest song Crazy Love sounds like a beautiful experiment. An ode to simplicity and vocality. It is a gorgeous song that showcases a rare vocal range and a natural ability to combine soul with R&B and pop without sounding like anything other. Illustrated by a beautiful video that captures 4 distinct domains (desire, feelings, thoughts and reality), Crazy Love builds us gently and overwhelmingly. By the third time we listen to it we feel in love. But we can easily take the song to any of the domains illustrated by the video. And that sounds and feels like magic. Looking forward for her debut album.

WESLEE – Somebody

Probably going directly to the top of 2018 best EPs with 9F, WESLEE just might have proved the World how gifted they are. Keeping up with their breezy, atmospheric R&B, Somebody sounds like a light song but also a song we can dive too anytime. A fresh bit of Summer, a warm winter night, or a chill by the fire. The duet combinations of riffs and vocals sound once again too simple to be so good. Layers upon layers. Gorgeous song.

Femi – Before I Go

Femi is a rare piece of music. An aficionado student of Amilcar Cabral and Seu Jorge which mixes hip-hop bits with jazz, flamenco and folk. The background built on top on entire living room orchestra contributes to the power in Before I Go. The song talks about sending a letter home to his lover in Cape Verde after he moved to Spain. Beautiful and raw, something very unique that does not reaches us every day.


Have a nice week!!

WtMM team.