NOAH – Juliet // We’ve Got Time

Indie Rock is not a genre, it is an world on itself. And NOAH just proved he is the one we should be listening to.

NOAH new secret juliet we've got time

Indie Rock is not a genre. Indie Rock is an world on itself. That being said, there’s loads of new Indie Rock material coming through every day, and selection becomes something necessary. Obviously, what we like or what we value most in a composition might not be of everybody’s taste, but here’s our latest input:

A couple of months ago we heard for the first time NOAH’s mesmerising vocals and we got hooked. Juliet dropped two months ago and it is a very humorous tune. Juliet talks about a girl who is an artist, that just hasn’t taken off yet. She has “a ballpoint pen”, “a book full of [unfinished] pictures” and “rips in her designer clothes”. The funny thing is the way NOAH says maybe she’s not so good at drawing as she thinks she is, or maybe the person that can see her vision hasn’t appeared yet. The simplicity and cleanliness of the guitar and the trusty warm vocals won us over and made us hit the play button (too) many times.

Two weeks ago (and much to our delight) NOAH dropped another Indie Rock tune. We’ve Got Time is a wonder to be listened to. It is musical progression and variation at its best. We’ve Got Time gradually builds power up to the 2 minutes mark and then it slows down, giving the listener some time to take a deep breath to enjoy the following masterpiece of a guitar and the fast paced finish line of the song. We are surrendered to NOAH and can’t wait to hear what’s next!

As good as these two song are on their own, we can’t help but notice something interesting:

Juliet‘s 4th and 5th strophes go like this:

I hope her eyes are playing tricks

Or she’s wearing some fancy sunglasses 
Maybe it’s the kind of paint 
But colors just don’t look that way

That old sun don’t look the same
She’s drawing things she can’t explain
I hope she find another way
Paintings not her path to fame

And We’ve Got Time opening lines are:

Driving east to coeur de lane
Across some unfamiliar place
I hope my eyes are playing tricks
Cuz that ol’ sun don’t look the same

Funny, huh?

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