[PREMIERE] ALLIPHA – Minds on Fire

In need of some vocals to save your day? ALLIPHA's got your back.

Elle Murphy is no stranger to the music business. But the Australian who had worked under a distinct alias has been gathering the necessary experience to launch her new project ALLIPHA. Encapsulating a bunch of R&B with some pop bits and immediately reminding us of Joss Stone, she debuts this new project with Minds on Fire.

Right from the first instances, we feel that the renovated 70’s guitar swag goes hand-in-hand with her deep but quite relaxed jazzy vocals. This is the right track to listen at the end of a busy day (today?) or the perfect sunset drive soundtrack. A song that does not try to be too much but achieves exactly what is needed. An honest interpretation and a nice contemplation of an immense vocalist. With several mini-twists and turns, but keeping the eye on the main melody, ALLIPHA is all about the vocal elements and the undoubtful range.

With an EP on the tracks to be released during this year, this is one project to follow attentively in the following links:

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