Freedom Baby – I Want To Give

Freedom Baby just gave us 15 surprising, epic building minutes that would make Arcade Fire very proud.

Almost fifteen minutes. A quarter of an hour. The longest Meeting of the Day until today is an ode to making great music.

Freedom Baby are an indie rock band from Toronto made of boyfriend/girlfriend Eric Reid and Brianna Bordihn. And the hype should all be on their latest single, I Want To Give. In a sort of ode to Arcade Fire, this is a track that has everything to turn into an alternative wonder. Starting slowly, like a beautiful story should always start, it quickly turns up the cadence. Instrument by instrument, the song builds the melody into a beautiful folk-rock song. The vocals are perfectly inline with each other, and there are so many instruments and variations in this that it almost sounds immortal, like an infinite song. In the end this is a song about love. About spending time together and making babies. About giving everything to our best other half. And just like life you should just play and enjoy each moment of it. The only thing we can say is that life doesn’t get much more gorgeous than this.

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