[TGIF] Sweat, goodbyes and a better you.

Might have been some weeks without a compilation but these 8 recent songs are worth the wait.

Sweat, goodbyes and a better you TGIF

New releases compilations? Yes. We know. Long time no sees. But sometimes it’s worth the wait. After some crazy weeks, we finally managed to have some time to breathe. This compilation reflects on the best releases of the last three weeks. The best of the best (and believe us there were great songs to pick from), these are 8 heart-melting songs which also might give you some dancing grooves.

WESLEE – Sweat Dreams

WESLEE are an enigmatic band which blends R&B with tasteful electronics and pop elements. Gaining already some high following in what is their first year of releases, Sweat Dreams is the first song that we heard from them, but one that we won’t forget so soon. Starting from the energetic but classy RnB female vocals, going through the Summer-ish hooks and variations, and to a very very catchy chorus. This is a proper indietronic Summer song right here.

Leon of Athens – Xenos

Also starting to become globaly known, the London-based indie pop Leon of Athens released a masterfull pop rock song. Xenos is captivating from its starting point. Merges classic indie rock, with a Depeche Mode ish dressing and an ever remarkable voice. With a great video to accompany it all, Xenos is one rare effort that sounds original but familiar. A song to play in the radio, that doesn’t sound too easy, or common. And an experience that grows the more you get your ears on it.

Sophia Tako – Don’t You Want Me

There are a lot of new artists which sound a bit like Lana Del Rey. But there aren’t much who really sound as good as. Sophia Tako’s Dont You Want Me not only achieves that but also introduced us to her in such a catchy way. Vocally very contagious and sensual, but also very well build both lyrically and in a sort of dark electronics feeling. The video helps further in developing that sense of sexual connection, but the song never falls short either.  Said to be influenced by other artists like FKA Twigs and Kelela, we can definitely see the s same vibe. And the same power.

Ed Prosek – Say Goodbye

Ready to Say Goodbye? You don’t need too. Ed Prosek newest song is Chet Faker ish and full of a guitar-vocal flow that’s really captivating. The song is also full of huge electronic drops that make it very easy to love it further. The variations are spot on, and even the falsetto works like charm. Say Goodbye grows from start to end, and when you feel it is a pop song, turns out it sounds a lot rockier.

olive b – joey moon

olive b is a singer-songwriter from Toronto whose references count in Imogen Heap and Yuna, but whose songs, picking up some of the elements in both, sound modern and contagious within a very simple structure. joey moon is the song that got us to notice her last week. With a sort of circular structure but super addictive it evidences olive’s vocal as tender and edgy. Classically trained but with some freestyling as her signature style, she found the perfect style somewhere in the middle. Lucky us.

Ruby Rose Fox – American Daddy

“One part Patti Smith, one part Roy Orbison, one part Leonard Cohen”, it’s how Ruby Rose Fox is typically described. What she achieves with American Daddy partially explains these comparisons. Certainly unique and heavily powered in terms of vocals, the first advance of her second album is a song we feel no one will be indifferent to. Both nostalgic and modern, perfect bending influences and innovations. Immensely powerful.

Al McHardy – Saharan

Coming in as the newest act of the year, Al McHardy introduces himself as a London-based producer, and Saharan as his second ever single. The song features the vocals from Christian Slawinski and merges it with a lot of organic electronics, a marimba, a range of percussion, an awesome Arabic bass-line, and an acoustic guitar. Sounding gorgeous, flowy and contagious from start to end, if the vocals sound a bit Oasis, the rest sounds incomparable. And if we were already wondered with how it sounds, when we learned it was about his relationship with his three year old son and how a bedtime story can trigger his dreams… well it’s a magical song. This is Saharan.

G. Bautista – A Better You

Finally, but not least, A Better You is an indie-pop ballad that sounds both groovy, relaxed and thinkable. Intended to motivate individuals to always aspire to be the best way they can, this is a song built by an insecure human being for other insecure human beings. And the thing is, in its way, in a chilled way, it provides all the necessary mood for reflection. G. Bautista struggled a lot in his young life but realized that life is always changing and we should let ourselves learn from it. Sounds like a beautiful and honest first single. We really dig it.


Have a nice week!! 🙂

WtMM team.