Colin Magalong – Bodies in a Room

Bodies in a Room is quirky, catchy and powerful. The best way to introduce Colin Magalong.

Debuting in WtMM, Colin Magalong electrifying vocals can sound pop-ish enough for any radio. But are also distinguishable and freaking catchy for any decent human. Bodies in a Room is very danceable and very energetic but also has that edge we can’t quite explain, and the ability to turn into an istantaneous favorite. A refreshing song that should be putting any other commercial-ish song out of the radios.

Colin Magalong released two other singles this year. If Melo sounds a bit more commercial and a bit too Bruno Mars, Blossom is more Michael Jackson-ish but has the same ingredients. Comparitively, for us, Bodies in a Room is a step forward because is unique-er, impactfull-er, and much much more danceable. Overall, a smasher.