Cautious Clay – French Riviera

French Riviera is another stunner by 2018's phenomenon Cautious Clay.

Cautious Clay French Riviera

Cautious Clay keeps giving us master songs after master songs. After the release of Blood Type one of the most obligatory EPs of the year, he is now reaching even forward. Looking for a second EP (Resonance) he released French Riviera Once again we find some unique vocals merged into very well composed layers of soul and RnB. The already trademark of alternating catchy lyrics with some light-weight melodies that sound impactful every time is once again there.

The whole tribal-like beginning provides an appropriate curious beginning. And once his vocals come in we immediately feel home and excited. The song keeps a false down-pace vibe until the chorus where the whole electronic background takes over but without ever ruling over the vocals. And is a matter of a couple of listenings for the lyrics to kick in. Cautious Clay is certainly one of our favorite acts of the year. One that seems to not keep giving. Thank God.