Jean-Michel Blais – Dans Ma Main

Dans Ma Main is an astonishing piano marvel.

When the piano turns a bit electric, we can’t resist it. Jean-Michel Blais’ melodies with the piano have that edge. Without ever turning away from the original sound, he builds electric and mind-blowing melodies that sound beyond genre. It is the case with Dans Ma Main. Ultimately ambiance, it has every ingredient of a song that sticks into our minds. Dark and mysterious, it also sounds uber-melodic and enchanting and with a proper positive ending. Dans Ma Main is a proper modern valse. We like it so much, we feel like closing our eyes and listening to it compulsively. If we could choose to be haunted by a song, this would be the song to do it.

His second album takes this track name and is out in two days. For the piano-aficionados, it’s one you should not miss. You can pre-listen to it here.