Rayvin Moon – Lazy Sad Jesus

Lazy Sad Jesus is neither a lazy or a sad song and has all the vibes to get stuck in your head.

Rayvin Moon Lazy Sad Jesus

Rayvin Moon is a cinematic pop singer from New Jersey. Her first ever release, Tyler Durden, reminded us of a Lana Del Rey song. Perhaps infused with some more electronic elements, but if you think about it the comparison makes sense. Well, at the time we didn’t felt inpelled enough to write about her even though we recognized the power in the song.

However, after the second release there is no way to ignore her any longer. Lazy Sad Jesus is one of those monster tracks we can’t quite grasp the whole depth the first time we listen to it. Auto-tune used with sense and method, on top of a whole pop-electronic ambiance, that even includes a piano base. Everything sounds very shiny and polished. Everything sounds made for success. Just like a Bishop Briggs song, it is powerful and catchy, but also a bit unexpected. The whole twist, in the end, is the perfect example of that.

Expecting more songs from her soon, you can follow her on the links bellow: