Caiine – Fools Weep // Electric In The Blue

Caiine sounds like home when a home feels like comfort, honesty, and soul-repairing.

Caiine Fools Weep New Secret

It’s always impressive when a 19-year-old singer-songwriter can fully engage us with her vocals. Just like a magical thing. Caiine sounds like a magical thing. One with a lot of depth, feelings, and intensity. One whose vocal tone sounds like home, when a home sounds like comfort, honesty, and soul-repairing.

First things first, listening to Drifted Away is a straight-forward experience in terms of how marvelous and genuine a modern voice can sound and feel. Packed with R&B but also with some Jazz natural elements, there is also space for the piano to shine. Almost like a conversation in the living room. One we can always relate and feel in need of.

We’ve listened to Drifted Away before any other song and we recognize by that time we did not felt sure about how good Caiine could be. All those doubts seemed like a ridiculous thing to have, once we heard Fools Weep. Evidently more deep and melancholic, it is also very relatable and moving. And if the vocals are a no-brainer and something that grows in warmth and love pretty naturally, they also sound unique and genuine. And among the rarity that is in today’s music, we feel Caiine already won the world. It’s just a matter of recognition. Until then, we cannot help but feel the privilege to have discovered her so early in the process.

And last things last, Electric In The Blue is what the title announces. Caiine merged her natural blues and R&B naturality with some tasteful and simple electronics and built a truly unique sounding track. A track that reminds at bits what Justin Vernon did so well in the last album, but at the same time brings back some of Tracy Chapman wonder verses. Sounds better the more you listen to it. And sounds absolute perfection when put in the middle of songs like Fools Weep.

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