Niomí – Sugar

A piano, some soft-electronics, and an emergent voice. This is Niomí.

Niomí is a vocalist, songwriter, self-produced born in the Northern Irland, and which is now based in South East London. With a strong education background in the piano, her music complements it with soft and tasteful electronics. She builds strong and cohesive sounds that let her soft-but-powerfull vocal emerge slowly. And her creations sound have a rare sonority that lets us breathe and enjoy. Truly inviting us to close our eyes and let ourselves go.

It is certainly the case with her debut track, the bruised Sugar. Taking its time to grow, it sounds better the better the speakers (or headphones) where you play it. A track with an immense sound and where she lets her vocals be slowly but intensely discovered. It is accompanied by some beautiful visuals featuring herself and some butterflies. Sugar talks about ultimately letting go of something immeasurable after a breakup. And even though this could play in the background of a lot of less or more intimal bars and cafes, it can also take the central stage when given the proper and deserved attention.

Niomí is set to released her debut EP this year so keep tuned: