[TGIF] Wild Echoes and Silent Minds

Twelve monster songs from the last fifteen days. Prepare to be overwhelmed.

tgifSpecial Wild Echoes and Silent Minds

If you think we’ve might have forgotten about the very nice releases going on the last two weeks, you might be wrong. Even if perhaps the time has gone by a little faster than what we would have hoped for, we do our best to slow it down. Today, as a special post we highlight the ones we enjoyed the most from the last 15 days. Twelve songs that we know that for sure will keep on playing until the end of the year, and songs that will probably grow on us more than we thought would ever be possible. Even if some of them might already be on our favorite tunes of the year list.

Carter – GG

Just featured on Netflix “On My Block” (episode 7), Carter is a new indi-er artist from Suriname who produces some delicate indietronic vibes that somehow resemble a bit of Jungle but with a less dancy and more introspective feeling. G.G. is delicious in every sense and a song that grows on you more than you dear to think. Of course the guitar-riffs help with that, but also the fragile but distinct vocals which always seem on the verge of either hugging us or breaking us. Oh yeah, and he teaches us about self-respect all the way through. Respect to that.


Sophia Danai – Come Thru

We have to recognize some awesome vocals when we hear it. Sophia Danai latest song Come Thru was a revelation for us. With an incredible inner strength, a distinctive feeling and at the same time emerging some very nice 90’s pop-rock elements, this is a stand out for us all the way. So good and so relatable that is a bit strange how no one else in this indie infused music world was capable of achieving this before. But the same happens with great ideas, right?

Dhruv Visvanath – Wild

Catch me, as I’m falling… Dhruv Visvanath crowdfunded his ascension to an indie singer-songwriter. Not everybody can say they’ve accomplished that. For him, it started when he learned how to play the piano at 7 years of age. Later he embraced the acoustic guitar and naturally evolved into the electric one. As he grew and adolescence kicked in, he rapidly moved through all genres of music (even metal). Influenced by his father’s death, his desire to make music managed to cut through some Indian stereotypes and soon the New Delhi public began to gather around his innovative and hard to describe style. We may talk about Bon Iver or José Gonzalez, but you won’t completely relate to neither.

Wild is based on a virtuous guitar and some whispered vocals, but also hugely influenced by life and growing up past fears and tragedy. And is probably one of the most moving songs you will hear all year. We can say you will slowly love it until around the 2.30 minutes. From that point on, there is no turning back really.

Dom Fricot – Echoes

Picking up on a similar note, and with an ever more pungent video, Vancouver’s own Dom Fricot new release Echoes is a song for humanity. Echoes is not only a beautiful soundtrack for the inspiring human story portrayed in the video; but also has great capacities of keeping itself in our minds regardless of the video. Maybe because of its tender-catchy beautiful vocals, or its almost classical atmosphere. Maybe because it is almost pop without ever getting there. Or just because it has those hard-to-explain elements that make music the perfect form of therapy we can’t quite let go from. Either way, Peter Gabriel would be proud.

Emma McGrath – Silent Minds

Emma McGrath is an 18-year-old singer-songwriter prodigy from North London who has released one of the most relevant EPs of 2018. Silent Minds (the EP) was released about one week ago and counts with 6 genre-revolutionary pop tracks. Among which Silent Minds is probably the best (even though this is a bold statement). Reminding a bit of Florence in the way her vocals seem to fly out of the heart, and a bit Lorde in the deep tone, she is a phenomenon of a singer, and that is pretty evident in the first minute of the song. The guitar-driven melody is a mind-blower from the first instance too, but it is for sure in the ridiculous vocal range that Silent Minds truly shines. Impossible to put down, the song is strategically put at the end of EP to make you completely addicted to it.

WILLIAM. – Behave

Also coming from London, WILLIAM. is set to balance the perfect amount of hope and melancholy into his indie-pop but also rock songs. Behave was released about a week ago and his a gently building captivating song that has all its components to thank. If the guitar-drum base is ultra captivating, his vocals seem fearless and not showing any signs of being afraid to take any risks either. Behave grows from start to end, even integrating some more electronic elements in the end, while keeping the whole rock vibe ever-changing but familiar. Ironic to say at least, the song is about “ignoring those who try to tell you who you are” and achieving your dreams. Self-written and self-produced, this a wonder to listen.

Luke Marzec – Will We Ever Carry On

Luke Marzec debut EP will come out in 4 days but we thought we should not wait for it. Will We Ever Carry On is the first advance of this Polish-British multi-instrumentalist who used to own his local pizza place in South East London. A song that which might first sound strange, but soon becomes part of ourselves. Trip-Hop meets Ambiance, with some spoken-word from David Dabieh and some wonderous saxophone; this is a track that is deeper than it sounds at first and a raw and true essay on how simple music can truly capture the momentum.

Malory – Real Love

Whish I could write a song to learn how to love a little better. Well, in fact, Malory might very well have achieved what she writes about in her newest song Real Love. This is a track that fulfills all we could dream to get from an indie ballad infused with modern elements. And a track that will convince any pair of good ears because it is very well constructed and adds to that a magical and delicate voice. The lyrics are clearly identifiable, relatable and singable, and the more you listen to it, the more it sounds like a gem. Real Love is part of her great debut EP Dystopia we expect to play many times throughout the year.

Equals – Triumph

A third single, the third massive song from Equals. This east-London duo formed by James Low and Ade Omotayo keeps pushing the boundaries of indie music incorporating uncountable genres into one song. Triumph is its basis R&B and Soul, but also has several pop punches, jazzy hooks, and definitely, some electronics build all the way through. The song construction is not conventional but tremendously captivating, just like a proper gospel church rendition mixed with modern elements. It should not be long until they get all the attention they deserve.

Exhibitionist – Sway

Coming from Sydney, Exhibitionist is a multi-instrumentalist devoted to the production of new indietronic music. There is probably a Sohn vibe in this and that is very welcome, but there is also a Banks style but with a more delicate voice. Released last Friday, Sway is a proper modern dance song that uses synths and basses as the basics for her vocals to tell a story about insecurity in a new relationship. Every time the chorus plays the song opens wide, and the gorgeous complex twists in the track make it an instant hit for the lovers of the genre.

Dirty Nice – EDIT

Dirty Nice come from nowhere, and they also did not care to explain where the nowhere is. Maybe that’s part of the charm. What we can say is that our days have not quite been the same since we’ve been hit with EDIT a couple of days ago. Dancy vibes all the way through, it merges classic dance anthems, with Chromeo like vocals, indietronic variations we can’t keep track of, and twists after twists that never cease to surprise (even some kind of rap). “edit your life how you wish it to be seen… and then live like that…” Maye the lyrics tell all we need to know.

Moncrieff – Serial Killer

Well if you thought we are done with the electronic-infused songs you have another one coming. If Moncrieff was already breaking some records before the latest single, he is gonna keep cruising the charts now for sure. Serial Killer is an indietronic meet pop explosive song, that not only showcases his powerful vocals, but also seems unrepeatable but on the chorus. And what a chorus. My love is a serial killer but she needs no trigger; My love is a serial killer but I will always stay with her. Nowhere to go wrong in here. Will keep giving and giving.


Have a nice week!!

WtMM team.