Mendeleyev – If I Can’t Be Free

Deep vocals, acoustic guitar and soft percussions, this is the recipe for turning folk into a heartfelt explosion.

Not much time has passed since we were blown away by the discovery of Mendeleyev. Pure was a beautiful revelation of some pretty uniques vocals which stucked with us since. For that reason, we weren’t that surprised with the release o If I Can’t Be Free last week. Still, it is impossible to deny that we were once again amazed with it.

Shikabatá” – the begining of Mendeleyev newest song feels like we’ve just woke up. An explosive merge between an acoustic guitar, simple percursion, and his beyond real deep vocals. From the momento that deep tone introduces the first lyrics we are hooked. And the best part is that in this one we also couldn’t hinder to dance along a bit. It’s only natural. For its captivating and almost 3 minutes of lenght, we don’t feel for a moment bored, expectant or indiferent. The power in If I Can’t Be Free turns us around and upside down, but also has an inherent hability to make us relax. And because it is quite short, it is quite impossible to not put on repeat.

In the end If I Can’t Be Free also carries some pretty honest lyrics about what is needed for any relationship to work. That duality of melodies and lyrics makes it a song for distinct moods. A track to both listen and reflect. And by doing it in such an effortless way, it becomes a monster of a track.

“Discovering balance is a responsibility shared by both sides… Love and freedom go hand in hand.”

Mendeleyev Juxtapositions album cover
Mendeleyev’ Juxtapositions album cover

Mendeleyev debut album Juxtapositions is just around the corner (Summer 2018), and by the looks of the first two singles there’s an album of the year contender right here.