Conn Raney – Show Up

Conn Raney's Show Up is a punchy, upbeat and energetic homage to his grandfather.

Ready for some Imagine Dragons / Rag’n’Bone Man like energy infusion? Meet Conn Raney. He is a California based artist that is one step away from stardom.

Looking back to previous releases, Conn Raney has a very diverse past. Rap is his haven, for sure, but the influences kept changing over time. Back in 2013, Conn Raney’s E.P. Parts is heavily backed with Electro-Pop vibes, while newer releases such as The Good Life and Truth incorporate some House, Commercial and Pop hues.

Show Up is Conn Raney ‘s latest release (dropped on March 30th) and it is bound to make you sing along feeling all empowered and energetic. This single is easily comparable to Believer by Imagine Dragons , with the same abrupt crescendos and upbeat rhythm. Also, there are some drops fed by a ticking clock and a quick falsetto that reminded us of Counting Sheep by SAFIA. Finally, Show Up is also a beautiful homage to someone very special.

This song was written about Conn’s grandfather who passed away on 11/28/16. He was a World War II Veteran and despite battling Post Traumatic Stress Disorder he still took time to help raise Conn and his siblings and never failed to ‘Show Up.‘”

The is something powerful about the opening line “Every time I felt lost, YOU showed up“. Now we know the meaning of Show Up, this phrase sounds even more important. In this beautiful homage, Conn Raney expresses a sentiment very relatable. Everyone who have lost someone they care deeply about, sometimes may “feel their energy when they show up”. And that’s a wonderful thing, which is perfectly celebrated in Show Up, thanks to its upbeat punchyness.

We know this has just been released, but we can’t wait for more music by Conn Raney.

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