[TGIF] Human Directions

From new ways of singing to crazy good falsettos and the old but gold pop-catchiness. 

TGIF Human Directions

Spring might have started a bit odd, weather-wise, but keeps giving us joyful tunes and new ways of mixing pop-based genres into fresh sounding songs. Last week was the perfect example of that, with six beautiful songs that somehow emerge from the same contact point but diverse into very distinct ways of reinventing music genres. From new ways of singing to crazy good falsettos and the old but gold pop-catchiness.

Moonheart – Bridestep

Brooklyn duo Monheart latest release with Bridestep is one unusual act of singing. Indeed vocalist Kim Mayo ways can both intrigue you or move you, but won’t leave you indifferent. Representing a lost biographical message between her and ex loved one, it’s also on the simple synth-pop influences that the song shines through. The more we listen to it the more we like it. After three of four listenings the vocals already sound familiar and cozy. And definitely unique.

GeeJay – Direction

Soul, Jazz and pop combined into one urban hip-hop infused ambiance? Check. London-based GeeJay (Gina Jane and Jocob Lobo) do it all. Direction is the perfect demonstration how groovy a proper eclecticism of genres can sound. The vocals are spot on delicious and warm, with those sassy rasp edges, and the instrumentals combine from soft pianos, to saxophones and gentle drums. Even if they do not sound like needing any direction, the song goes distinct ways every time they play it. At least the ones who already saw them life reported for the ones about to have the chance, as it being a modern proper music-making experience, with the pair improvising segments like a proper Jazz duo. Well, the vocal-sax duet is catchy for sure.

D.A.N – 0300 (Human)

Also from London comes the fresh breeze of D.A.N. Sounding like a proper mix between James Blake and Icelandic Asgeir, his vocals are from the first instance the main focus of attention. But not the only one. 0300 (Human) is also progressively electronic, a bit experimental, and slow-building, but soon you get yourself fully in it, you’re in the middle of huge bunches of R&B and Soul elements. And not only that, but every time the track reaches the chorus you know you’re there. With huge amounts of relaxing and ethereal feelings emanating from it directly to our ears. Super beautiful and rich.

Cecilie Dimma featuring Gavin – Ice Cream

Keeping up the high swinging vibes, Cecilie Dimma, a Danish-Ethiopian singer also got us from the first notes in Home. Both pop-ish and soulful she alternates these hyper addictive vocal elements with an hip-hop fraction also filled with soulful bits by Gavin. The final result is a song that can (and will) play an uncountable number of times without sounding less fresh or groovy. Oh, and the whole thing is wrapped around a soft but meaningful semi-electronic vibe that works like charm. Very nice debut!

Cat Spare – Hi Hello

Here and there we have to satisfy our need for pop songs too. Cat Spare’ newest release Hi Hello hits all the catchy vibes that make our bodies move a bit more easily and less alternatively. One possible cause for that is the great great song chorus. Other is the way she works herself out and in of catchy loops like she has been doing it for as long as she lives. Still unsigned, it should not go much longer without a proper record deal.

Jedidiah – Crowd

Maybe falsettos are under-valued. Maybe they are just to hard to do and to proper-sound. Either way Jedidiah must be a phenomenon at it. His newest, and second ever single, Crowd, showcases how alt-pop can fully deliver even with super high vocals. Starting timid, but rapidly evolving, they are properly synced with the electronic (also high) elements. Even the visually-ego-centric (Ezra Cohen) visuals upgrade the song look-and-sound. And if there is anyone out there who feels this looks a bit awkward in the beginning, you don’t have a clue of what you’re saying. Hear it twice. Just hear it twice.

Have a nice week!!!

WtMM team