[TGIF] Favorite Recoils

Picking up the pieces of last week? These six songs will make up for some company for at least the rest of the year!

Favorite Recoils TGIF

We know it’s Monday and the weekend is already gone, but we keep holding back to last week as a way of not letting go from the releases we couldn’t get enough. We also know we might say this almost every week, but this year releases are the real deal and here is a hight probability that some of these songs finish up in our year favorites! Counting a long-awaited return to kick things off, proceeding with three new releases from acts we’ve been already in love with, and finishing with two gorgeous female vocals we’ve never heard before. Enjoy the best of the week releases:

Pete Philly – Favorite Song

Pete Philly is hardly a new name around. This Aruba-born, Amsterdam-based artist managed to open shows for acts such as Jame Brown and Kanye West and got a lot of thumbs up from known and established radio shows and Pharell. But we haven’t heard his Favorite Song yet (too obvious pun?). Well we can say that these gorgeous life-vibrating swings and hooks, and the energetic and contagious Jazzy-electronic beats are among the best thing we heard these first three months of 2018. What a way to come back. Be careful with your feet everyone. Dance moves ahead.

Stevie Wolf – Yves Klein Blue

Well what’s best to follow Pete Philly than another new sexy-vocal highly-danceable phenomenon? Stevie Wolf third single to come out this year is probably the best yet (and that is not small saying if you recall what we said about Who). Yves Klein Blue is a twisting and hooking modern masterpiece that not only takes the best from Stevie Wolf engaging vocals, but further reveal his master skills on building complex electronic pop-ish songs. A song that left us speechless, every single time we’ve played it.

Dana Williams – Preach

Calming things down a bit, here comes Dana Williams hypnotically-tender vocals. Preach is not only the perfect follower to the marvellous There You Go, but even a superior song in the way it melodically involves us and takes our feet of the ground. And it seems to do it without even trying. This proper Nina Simone successor only needs an acoustic guitar to create a gentle and proper contrast to her sweet but sort-of-dramatic lullabies. And we don’t need anything else either. Who does?

Mines Falls – Recoil

We’ve proudly talked about Mines Falls twice before when we talked about the complex simplicity behind their debut with My New House and when they gave us the honour to premiere the tremendously lyrical In The Rain. It seems ridiculous how after less than two months we feel obligated to talk about them again with Recoil. But that’s just the way it is. Beginning and ending with a super deep piano. Going through some strategic violins. And getting to the vocals, those Tom York-ish tone, rasps and reaches. Recoil accomplishes what we never though it could be accomplished in a third consecutive single: true perfection. Mines Falls have a way of re-inventing themselves song after song, that is not only captivating, but truly breath-taking.

Laura Jean Anderson – Silence Won’t Help Me Now

Laura Jean Anderson second ever single Silence Won’t Help Me Now is a proper vocalist song. Taking basis in the flow of old indie-rock ballads, everything is about the singing and how she can really transmit intensity and feeling. A times a bit Florence, and others a bit more nostalgic than that. And alternating with some pretty unexpected variations, her classical vocal training really rocks our heart in this great song.

Jareth – Bit By Bit

London has been releasing great new artists one after the other in what seems an unstoppable cadence. Jareth is another perfect example of that. Obviously pop, but also influenced by other genres in the way she sings, Bit By Bit, her latest release, is a song that not only will be easy to play around any radio, but a song that does not try to be more than what it is. And what it is. is a solid hyper melodic and honest song about surviving old relationships. For us the greatest part are the vocals. The tone is gorgeous, the variations super catchy, and somehow she always sounds familiar.

Have a nice week!

WtMM team.