Camarano – Mortal Man

Camarano first three songs are captivating, mature and gorgeous pieces of modern indie-rock.

Everything started from Ashes. Camarano career that is. This Perth-based engineer, which has spent a notable amount of years working for other artists, debuted with a genuine electro-pop song that both reminds us of Unknown Mortal Orchestra vocals, and introduces notable bits of uniqueness. Ashes was released 6 months ago. In the following months 2 other great tracks would be released.

The first one, released 4 months ago was also the first Camarano song we put our ears on. Less electronic than the debut single, Somebody Else is a bit more progressive and with a higher composition complexity. The vocals alternate from exciting to dreaming, easily identifiable and sounding like some of our favourites indie rock composers (there is definitely a lot of War On Drugs on this). For sure, Somebody Else is a proper song to put a new artist in the map. Mainly because it easily grows into a one of those favourite small pleasures of every day life.

But maybe the best was yet to come. It is safe to say that The Mortal Man, released about 20 days ago, conciliates the two previous song styles into one. Ever changing and captivating, it sounds like every 21st century indie rock sonority was carefully integrated into one song. The strident-energetic electric guitars, the electronic hooks and riffs, the soft but melodic contagious vocals, and that hidden catchiness we can identify so much with. Just like a mortal man that loves music. It is impossible to not be captivated by this.

With two more songs (Bloodlines and Food for the Worms) coming out to integrate his debut EP, we can’t wait for April 6th to get our hands on it.