[TGIF] Better Than Repeating

From here to Hawaii these are the best songs we've heard all week.

How was your weekend? Ready for another week? Not quite yet? Well, no matter the week you’ll have to face we can promise you the best releases of the last week will make everything better.

Heather Jayne – Better Than This

Despite very young Heather Jayne has been dwelling cards in the music industry for some time now. Her participation in a famous TV-show spiked up the indie audience for what was to come, and after the brutal debut with The Power and also powerful Let Me In (we featured both), she is back to usual business with Better Than This. Once more Indietronic infused, the vocals are there again too, aggregating sensibility and power like no other female singer have achieved this year. This is a track that takes its time to explode but does captivate in every single little switch. And when it finally unleashes the contained power it is as good as we could expected. A bit Marian Hill in the way it involves us with synths. A bit Lana but-overwhelming vocally.

Talk Less Say More – Repeating

Released some time ago, Talk Less Say More electro pop genius Repeating got even more genius this week. With what is probably the best video of the year, Matthew Jennings alternates his expressions with Bernie’s (dog of the video-authors Blake House) ones, doing a perfect, genuine and super-original piece of heaven. The electronic pop experimental vibe of the song continuous to be crazy good but now it is impossible to detached it from the video. Known for his perfectionism, and for his constant will to innovate, Talk Less Say More just got into the unforgettable zone of our brains with this.

Krakow Loves Adana – The Day The Internet Died

Krakow Loves Adana are definitely among our favorite bands this year. Mainly because everything they do seems to sound like pure gold. The Day The Internet Died is yet another one. 80’s infused synth from the beginning and those melancholic vocals that already sound so familiar (a bit like Matt Berninger vocals do, you see?). With two weeks to go to the release of the album Songs After The Blue, this a song that portrays world existence after Internet and how isolation is a reality besides the promises of all virtual ways of connection. But most of all a song that engages so much it can easily turn into an obsession. A good one.

Vaarwell – Stay

We might be biased concerning Vaarwell as this trio from our base city (Lisbon) is a personal favorite of ours (José’s and Bia’s) since they formed about two years ago. Perhaps for that reason we’ve been talking about them more privately than here, but hey! Everyone deserves the goods. So, as they released the video for the marvelous indie-electronic-pop Stay we couldn’t let it go by. Directed and produced by the trio themselves, this pastel-based video provides the ideal ambiance for the combination of her angelic vocals, the guitars and the synths. So engaging as relaxing and providing the sonority for the soft headbanging and feet dancing.

Big Fox – Sad Eyes

“Sad Eyes. You’ve got those sad eyes. Something’s on your mind. You’ve got those sad eyes again. Sometimes we’re lonely. Alone with all our thoughts. We think it never will change.” The beginning of Big Fox’s Sad Eyes is incredibly touching and overwhelming. But so is the chorus shortly after, or the way the song evolves staying put on the same intense feeling. Inspired by such ones like Feist, Nick Drake and Nina Simone, we don’t think we will ever listen to his without feeling it deep in our spines. Gorgeous.

Sharky – Hawaii

We’ve couldn’t be done without evidencing the most original song we’ve heard all week (year?). Sharky’s second single Hawaii was inspired the movie “The Descendent” and is a masterpiece of a combination between hip-hop, jazz and something else we can’t quite describe. Her vocals are gorgeous and deep, the variations completely unpredictable but with everything sounding magical and juicy. The lyrics are about achieving the best of yourself but having to dispossess yourself materially to get it. Or short and simple, dropping everything and going to live in Hawaii.

Have a great week!

WtMM team