Hugo Monster – Carry On

"Don't beat yourself up just because you didn't make it. Grab the ball and try again. Also don't spend so much time gloating that you made the shot. Do it again."

hugo monster new secret carry on

Hugo Monster is the alter-ego of Hugo, whose life could’ve gone a completely different direction. Instead of becoming a maladjusted, cold-hearted creature, a persona began to form inside of Hugo, eventually taking a life on its own as rap tyrant Hugo Monster. Spreading a message of love, perseverance and motivation, we wish we had a Monster like this all the time with us!

Hugo Monster’s latest project is a 7 track record named Carry On releasedon the 22nd of January. Last week, the music video for the naming track was released and it is as good as desert.

The video depicts several mundane scenes where you eventually face obstacles: family, work, school, hobbies. What’s the common ground here? The courage to ask for help, pick yourself up and carry on.

[su_quote cite=”Hugo Monster”]This song is about moving forward. Sometimes I get caught in my own head and I don’t make any progress. So I try to change the way I approach things. I try to compare it to shooting a basketball into a hoop. Sometimes you will score and sometimes you wont. (…) Don’t beat yourself up just because you didn’t make it. Grab the ball and try again. Also don’t spend so much time gloating that you made the shot. Do it again.[/su_quote]

This hip-hop track is one of the most addictive tunes we’ve heard this year. The lyrics are funny, real and relatable. The energy infused instrumental, the upbeat saxophone and fast paced rhythm are purely contagious. It is virtually impossible to listen to this tune and remain sitting still! Your mood magically lifts up as you gather good vibes from it to keep moving.

Hugo Monster’s positivism is intoxicating and we want some more of that!

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